"The Bridge Hip Hop Summit: Connecting Old School With The New", Sep 24-27

The Bridge Hip Hop Summit & Award Show is the ultimate platform for education, 

exposure, networking, and entertainment.  We provide patrons with our signature  

‘HipHopXperience’ tour where all the elements of hip-hop are explored and 

exhibited.  Our goal is to take participants on a journey from the Golden Era of hip-

hop to the New Era.   


Top Three Reasons to Get Involved:

1. We bridge the gap and provide opportunities for people to network with 

industry professionals from all entertainment sectors:  A&Rs, DJs, producers, 

educators, film directors, videographers, breakdancers, and more.


2. We provide regional, national, and international coverage for artists who 

want to expand their market share through our various marketing and 

performance opportunities.  


3. Our motto is, “You don’t have to be a celebrity to be treated like one!”  So, we 

pay homage and give recognition to local, independent artists and businesses 

from all over the world who have made contributions to the hip-hop culture 

through their music, dance, beats, songs, art, product or service, and/or the 

sharing of information. 




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