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Silveree Benson

Silveree Benson

Silveree Benson is a native of Detroit, Michigan but resides in Atlanta, GA. She possesses a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing & Management along with a Master of Arts in Speech Communication. She is a wife and mother of three sons and a daughter.

Ms. Benson started out in the entertainment industry as a rap artist in 1986. She rapped in the streets and on the stages of Detroit venues for over 10 years. She transitioned into the fashion industry in 1997 and was inspired to reach out to her brothers and sisters by ministering to them through clothing. She developed a clothing line called “Satisfied with Jesus Clothing: The Clothes You Can Serve In” because she saw a need that was not being met. Ms. Benson was determined to expose the positive sides of entertainment so she was forced to step out on faith and follow her many visions.

In 2007, she created the Youth Gospel Entertainment & Arts Awards. The passion behind this endeavor was to take the gospel to the street and promote clean and inspirational hip hop. It is her belief that in order to reach the lost, people have to be daring and go outside the four walls to connect with those who need positive reinforcement in their lives. The YGEA Awards is a platform for positive entertainers to minister through fashion, entertainment, and arts. It allows young adults and college students the opportunity to display their talents and be recognized for their contributions in the community. Also, community leaders and Pastors are honored for their involvement in the community, as well. Because of her desire, eagerness, and willingness to do positive work in the community and schools around the world, her vision is to expand to other markets.

Silveree oversees many events and endeavors leading up to the annual traveling award show such as, the Crunkest Choir Competition, The Verdict Showcase, The Connection Newsletter, YGEA Collegiate Club, and The Verdict Street Godspel Compilation 33. In 2008, Ms. Benson formed YGEG, Inc. (Youth Gospel Entertainment Group, Inc.) to encompass all her entities.

It doesn’t stop here. In 2010, The YGEA Radio Show was born. The first show aired on February 1 on Praize 102.9 in Greenville, SC. With this new found profession, Silveree looks to the future and anticipates having the radio show syndicated. Her radio personality name is SilvereeB, which complements her style and in-your-face, outgoing personality. Not only is she an entertainer and entrepreneur, but an educator, as well. She is a college professor and Public Speaker. As she strives to build her empire, be on the look out because she’s not stopping here.